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When? The question is simple, the answer must be as much. If at regular intervals, you get the urge to jump on a plane to try to find a windy place, this website is for you.Click on the projected month of your departure and discover the windiest spots in the world.

to go where ?

Each spot is weighted in proportion to the probability of wind. It is the main criterion on which research is organized. The first element of the list is the one with the best wind statistics for the desired period.


In the graphs, the data are expressed as a percentage (number of days) for a given wind power (in knots).
You can enter a temperature criterion (if you want to sail warm).

wind criterion

WhenWhereKite ranks the best spots in the world, but on what criteria? First wind, of course, because it is the essential element to practice kitesurfing. However, the modes of practice of kitesurfing are various (twintip, directional surfing or foil) and do not require the same conditions of wind.

WhenWhereKite allows you to find the best kitesurfing spots that exactly fit your wishes: the strongest wind possible, the number of windiest days or a given wind range.

other criteria

If the wind is often the first criterion of selection, the one of the temperature follows it closely. About 75% of kiters choose destinations where the air temperature is pleasant. WhenWhereKite gives you the opportunity to incorporate the criterion «77°F; mini».

And as we often travel in a group or family, that is to say with non-practitioners - it is interesting to select spots that offer more or less developed infrastructures. Similarly, the distance (1000, 5000 or 1000 km) from a reference city is also part of the selection criteria.

default criteria

The ranking based on these selection criteria is displayed on a month page (January to December). Click on the month corresponding to the desired departure date in the box above and select your search criteria. By default, the minimum temperature criterion is activated with the options «maximum wind» and «kite priority».

A page presents the main trends of the different regions recognized by WhenWhereKite. It gives a fairly synthetic photograph of the geographical areas where the wind blows during the year.

the big trends

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