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WhenWhereKite Kalpitiya
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Kitesurf spot Kalpitiya (resorts, videos, ranking, contributions)...

Sri Lanka / Kalpitiya Asia

may to october.
flat & choppy water, small to medium waves. / sideshore steady wind, stronger than Negombo.

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12.01.2017 16:31:32

Wind During May - September :
Wind during summer months is much stronger than the winter months. The gap between Sri Lanka and India across the Adam's Bridge creates a "venturi effect". Wind which blows between May till September in comes from the East. This wind is warm and dry as... it comes over the land rather than the sea. This wind is normally stronger than the wind which comes over the sea, ranging between 20 – 30 knots or more. One of the biggest difference compared to the wind during the winter months, is that it blows during the whole day and night. At some of the lagoons, depending on the buildup and vegetation the wind can become a bit gustier, but that also depends on which spot you choose. Example if you visit one of the islands north from us you can experience steady wind conditions’ and great flat-water arena for any one. In case you wish to take kitesurfing lessons , our kiteschool will take care of explaining exactly how this works. The wind has a massive venturi effect between India and Sri Lanka and blows strong all summer

Wind durnig December to March:

This wind is not as strong as the wind from May till September, and comes from the west over the Indian Ocean. This means it´s a bit cooler and a bit humid. This wind brings down the temperature in the evenings, allowing a very cool December / January nights. One needs to have a shower before the sun goes down, otherwise the shower can be a bit chilling too, its is an overwhelming experience for this part of the world. Normally wind strength is around 15 – 25 knots, and it’s more steadier than the ssummer months. The main difference compared to the wind from May is that this wind picks up normally around 11AM till mid day, leaving the mornings very calm. It can also be thermal wind , this is one of the reasons why Kalpitiya has almost 100\% of wind during the European Winter months. Wind during December - March is normally accompanied by clear skies, fresh air and great visibility. This is also the time where you can do a Dolphin safari or even go diving in the mornings before the wind picks up. Less wind means almost no waves in the mornings and the ocean bottom is much more calmer and clearer, making it possible for great dives in Kalpitiya.

Kitesurfing spots in kalpitiya:

In case you are looking for a kiteschool or Kite rentals , specially CORE kites:


10.10.2017 02:33:46

i come from London, for the last two years i have lived in Sri Lanka.Kalpitiya offers a multitude of spot: wave, flat water on the lagoons, islets, sandbanks,t he place is really top. From May to October the south-west trade wind blows continuously between 15 and 30... knots. From December to March the wind oscillates between north-east (weather wind) and north-northwest (thermal wind that rises in the afternoon). During this period the wind varies between 10 and 25 knots with also day of unlike the May-October period.
We have just set up a kite school in Kalpitiya, give classes and organize Kite trip and sightseeing.

Phone: +94 77631 4144


12.19.2016 12:56:51

Kalpitiya c'est développé ces dernières années.
Il y a maintenant une super ambiance et pas mal d'options.
Si vous voulez du vent propre et un super plan d'eau, il faut aller a la lagune de Kappalady ou freestyle lagune. Kappaldy kitecamp est situé juste à coté de la lagune.

Il... y aussi qui est top.

Ces 2 écoles offrent plein d'option au niveaux des logements, de la super bouffe, des kite trip journalier, une super ambiance.
voici les retours clients :

Kappalady kitecamp se spécialise dans le coaching avec debriefing vidéo.

N'hésitez pas a y aller : de mai à octobre ou de décembre à mars.

Voici une tonne de vidéos pour vous mettre l'eau a la bouche :


10.19.2013 10:34:01

Même avis mitigé de la part d'amis qui y sont allés deux semaines cet été et qui en plus, ont chopé neuf jours de pétole... et comme le coin est paumé pas de tourisme aux alentours...


10.07.2013 17:22:54

Avis mitigé sur ce spot, visité en mai 2011 : vent faible et souvent rafaleux, eau marron, spot complètement paumé, pas d'ambiance. Personnellement, je n'y retournerai pas...

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